“Soy el que es nadie, el que no fue una espada
en la guerra. Soy eco, olvido, nada.”


sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

Eternity in a moment

Hotel De Dream, 2000 -  DEBORAH POYNTON

If you want to live
on my mind
like a candle flame,
if you wish to be
the wings soft
of my soul,
if you desire to find
the bottom
of my heart happy,
if you want to kiss me
before sunrise again
in tonight blue,
if you cover me
always with flowers
like the springtime,
if you need my hugs
like sure refuge
to spend the coming winter,
if you want to be
the shadow of my shadow
in broad daylight,
if you let me be
the shadow of your shadow
in the moonlight,
if you let me
look at life
with your eyes,
if you let me love you 
eternity in a moment, 
then I just die in peace.